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Open Days

What is an Open Day?

An Open Day is an informative introduction to university for those who are thinking of applying.

What happens at an Open Day?

There are many things to see and do! Including:

  • Campus tours
  • Accommodation tours
  • Course talks to learn more about specific subjects
  • Q&A with lecturers
  • Q&A with students

Why should I go?

Whether you know what course you want to do, know what university you want to attend, or even if you’re completely undecided, attending an Open Day is the perfect opportunity to have both your questions answered, which will help you to make a choice that is right for you.

You may find a certain course is taught differently at a certain university, you may discover that one university has different facilities to another, and attending an Open Day may swing it for you and firm up your decision to apply at all.

So all in all, attending one will help you with your decision.

Preparing for an Open Day

It’s handy to be prepared for an Open Day, there’s a lot to see and do all packed into one day – so get ready!


Plan your route
It’s always good to know where you’re going and how to get there

Research parking
Check the university’s website with regards to parking, as it may be limited

Check the weather
You don’t want to get soaked or sunburned! Check that forecast!

Pack a drink and a snack
If you are in a rush, it’s good to be able to eat on the go

Plan where to get lunch
If you do have a spare half hour to kill, it’s good to know where the nearest food vendor is

Print and take a campus map
These will be provided on the day, but if you have one ahead of time you can mark where you want to go

Print out the talks timetable
Again, these will be provided on the day, but knowing where you want to go before the day is a big help

Print out the campus tour timetable
These run at different time throughout the day so it’s helpful to schedule this in

Write down the questions you want answered
The day can go quickly! Take the time to think about what you want to know, so that you can come away from the Open Day knowing all your questions have been answered

What happens after Open Day?

It’s always a good idea to reflect after an Open Day. This will help you decide which university feels right, and having that conversation with a parent or friend should encourage you to think about where you would like to go. Check out our points for discussion below to help get you started!

Points for discussion

  • Was I inspired by the talk given on my chosen subject?
  • Do I like what the course has to offer?
  • Did I find out if the course offers trips / a year in industry? Is this something I would be interested in?
  • Did I feel at home at the university? What were my thoughts on the accommodation?
  • What were my thoughts on the location of the university? Did I like that it was a city / campus university?
  • Did I like the campus? Did it have the facilities I expected?
  • Are there part time job opportunities available?
  • Arm I aware of the support services that the university provides?
  • Are there any clubs or societies I would consider joining?