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Privacy Policy

We’re looking to understand why students like you aim high and reach for higher education such as uni, higher apprenticeships etc. We ask you to complete a survey that’ll take just a few minutes of your time but could have a huge impact on future education opportunities.

What’s in it for you? Read on:
  • Did you know that students who get involved in our Uni Connect activities for at least 8 hours are up to 21% more likely to go to uni? Yep, you read that right!
  • If you’re at a school or college in a Uni Connect target area, getting into these activities makes you more than twice as likely to head to higher education.
  • You don’t have to take our word for it; the data’s clear*. Engaging with Uni Connect makes a real difference, especially for students in areas where higher education participation could use a boost.
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* Higher Education Access Tracker. (2024). Uni Connect HEAT-HESA Track Impact Report. [Online]. Available at: Uni Connect HEAT-HESA Track Impact Report [Accessed 23 April 2024].