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SPoC Area

Welcome to the SPoC Area. Please find information applicable to your role as a SPoC below.

Each SUN school has a Single Point of Contact (SPoC). SPoCs are responsible for liaising with their SUN contacts to promote SUN opportunities and activities to staff and students at their school. This
includes workshops, residentials, research projects and much more! SPoCs should attend SPoC networking events and conferences, and meet at least twice a year with their SUN contacts to plan SUN-related activities for their school to ensure their students are getting the most out of the SUN programme.

Part of the role as a SPoC is to ensure that funding received is appropriately spent on Uni Connect students and that biannual funding reports are returned to the SUN within the deadlines. These inform the SUN’s overall report to the Office for Students which funds the Uni Connect programme.

Evaluation, data tracking and reporting are integral to the SUN programme. A key element of being a SPoC is to monitor who the Uni Connect students are in their school and who have attended events, reporting on how the funding is being spent and evaluating interactions. SUN contacts guide SPoCs on when the reports are due.

Click below to see our useful webinars to help you in your role as a SPoC, and to contribute towards your continuing professional development.