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Unique research project explores the higher education barriers of white working class boys

At the end of 2016, Southern Universities Network commissioned two research projects which sought to examine the disadvantage experienced by white working class males in relation to their progression into higher education.

White Working Class Males, University and Aspiration

The pre-entry study, undertaken by ARC Network and co-ordinated by Southampton Solent University, explored the perceptions, barriers and enablers to HE progression from the perspective of white working class learners in schools and colleges across the city of Southampton.  Post-entry research, undertaken by the University of Portsmouth, explored the participation of white working class men within an institutional context, with a particular focus on examining higher education entry and aspirations of current HE learners.

The study offers a unique understanding of white working class males across the both pre and post entry phase and it is hoped that the research will support SUN members in planning and developing both institutional and collaborative widening participation programmes, including the National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP).

These studies also support work undertaken across the country by organisations such as OFFA .

Key Research Findings: Attitudes and Barriers to HE

To read the report, please click below. The first section highlights key findings from both studies conducted.