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TEDxYouth@Bargate NOVEMBER 2018

Well you’ve heard of TED talks, right? Talks and videos from across the world by extraordinary speakers who are sharing ideas with the global community.   On 21st November 2018 TEDxYouth@Bargate was the first TEDxYouth event to be hosted in the Southampton area! It was a half day non-for profit event aiming to inspire and share ideas bringing students from across the local communities in Hampshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight, together to share ideas.

Many schools and colleges from across the region came together to hear 10 exciting speakers sharing thought provoking ideas on topics such as creativity, the environment, boxing and skills. Speakers included people from the local community, musicians, astronomers plus a maths teacher at Barton Peveril and a student from Cantell School!

At the event a we trialled a new and innovative way of capturing students feedback via a live evaluative illustrator who was sketching all of the key points of the talks (see image below). During the breaks we got students and staff to join in by using our big graffiti wall!

Were you at TEDxYouth@Bargate – see if you can spot yourself or your students in the photos here and here!

If you and your school or college weren’t able to attend the event, you can watch the speaker videos below!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH Alex Blower | Explore your gift
Talk about exploring your soft skills and the need for society to recognise soft skills and legitimate gifts.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH Anna Hester Skelton |You can make it
Everyone can be creative, even if you don’t think it’s for you.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH Chris Marsden | We are small
Exploring how vast the universe and galaxies really are

CLICK HERE TO WATCH Elinor Austin |What if you discovered you have a superpower?  
Overcoming adversity and psychical illness to discover your inner strength

CLICK HERE TO WATCH Gary Smith |Exploring Neurodiversity & Neuroindividuality in technology
Discussing how technology may not be as accessible as we are lead to believe for people with learning disabilities.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH Jamie Mackay | How can you future-proof your career portfolio?
Will you be creating your own job in the future? Exploring how the business world is changing to keep up to date with technology.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH Kyle D Evans |The second half of the climate chess board
Have you thought about how maths, chess and the environment are all linked?

CLICK HERE TO WATCH Marcellus Baz BEM |Your tribe is your vibe 
Emphasising how the people you surround yourself with can impact your life in more ways than you can imagine.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH Rianna Javier |The great wonders of curiosity
Are you naturally curious? Riana’s talk brings out the curiosity in us all and praises us to be more inquisitive of things around us.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH Yael-Louise Dekel |Feminism: Not just for females
Is feminism changing? Yael challenges adult views of feminism with her youth point of view and discusses the need for more equality.