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Discover Your Future

Teachers: Thinking of things to do in tutorials?

Why not take a look at our new free quiz website?! Discover Your Future is an exciting new addition to the SUN’s offer, and is designed to support both students and staff, while complimenting your school’s existing careers provision. Through a series of
informative quizzes and resources, students are encouraged to reflect upon their own knowledge of which pathways are available to them, and to fill any gaps in their knowledge, thus supporting them to make informed choices about their futures.

As your students progress through the quizzes in tutorial sessions, they will explore an array of Level 4 pathways, courses, and learn more about topics such as student finance in an accessible way. This will help students to reflect on their own knowledge and the pathways available to them, and ensure that they have all of the information that they need to make important decisions about their futures.

As students begin interacting with the platform and taking the quizzes, they will also accumulate a score – every term, the student with the highest score will be awarded a prize (such as an Amazon
voucher). Schools will also then be entered into the regional leader board, gaining points for their students’ accumulated totals, to win annual prizes such as donations to the library. By introducing a
fun and competitive element to your careers sessions, students are incentivised to take part and be proactive in their future decision-making.

In addition, the data collected from the quizzes will allow the SUN to work collaboratively with teachers and identify areas where your students may require further guidance and information. This in turn will enable us to provide more targeted future workshops for your students, tailoring sessions to your students needs and helping them get the most out of what the SUN has to offer.