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Clearing Plus: Clearing just got personal.

Clearing Plus makes the process of choosing which path to take more straight forward.

From today (Monday 6th July 2020) Clearing is live and with this year comes Clearing Plus, the shiny new tool from UCAS.

This year UCAS estimate that there will be 35,000 courses available through Clearing making it a busy market to make an important decision in a short space of time. For the first time ever UCAS is offering a personalised clearing process that matches students with relevant courses without the hours of searching and calling.

But what is Clearing Plus? How does it work and how does it differ from Clearing? Here are 10 facts that will tell you everything you need to know:

  1. Clearing Plus is now available in addition to the normal clearing process. Clearing Plus matches available courses to students based on choices and information entered in Track. Only attainable courses of interest will be displayed.
  2. Clearing Plus will be available for longer than the normal telephone process giving students more time to make the right choice.
  3. Clearing Plus uses specific targeting algorithms to match students precisely with courses. Clearing Plus also offers courses with entry requirements that cannot be found elsewhere.
  4. Clearing Plus is available to everyone that has applied to at least 1 university through UCAS and currently does not hold any offers.
  5. If a student has changed their mind about an offer they have already accepted they can enter Clearing Plus through Self Release online. WARNING – this must be treated with caution, to enter Clearing the student must first reject the offer they have accepted, there is no going back.
  6. If a student has exceeded their predicted grades, Clearing Plus will update to show new courses with higher entry requirements.
  7. When scrolling through options, Clearing Plus couldn’t be simpler, to register interest simply click “I’m interested” to send details to the course provider.
  8. If the institution is interested in making an offer they will contact the student directly and let them know.
  9. Should a student receive an offer all they have to do is add it as a Clearing choice on UCAS.
  10. This year UCAS has teamed up with BBC Bitesize to offer students more online advice in more places. If you need any further information from questions about Clearing Plus to info on specific universities, you may just find it there.