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apprenticeships & training providers

Find out what an apprenticeship is, how to apply, and where to look for them, all using the links below. Exploring the resources on this page will also give insight into how apprenticeships can help you develop your employability skills and long-term salary. You can also find out what a training provider is and the kinds of qualifications they offer by visiting the websites below.


We’ve created a webpage with information about what apprenticeships are, who they’re for, industry possibilities, and lots more. Click the button below to find out more!

If you know the career or job you want to do after school, you can continue to learn through a work-based route (an apprenticeship). This usually means working 4 days of the week and spending 1 day a week in a college/training environment. To find out more, why not click on the link below to read through an introductory presentation.

Search for national vacancies and get help with applications.

The Careerpilot website has lots of useful information about apprenticeships. You can even search for apprenticeship vacancies here too.

We’ve collated testimonials from apprenticeship students. Find out about their experience of being apprentices by clicking the link below.

Check out this interactive gameshow! Choose whether to take the university or apprenticeship route and compare and contrast the different paths! Which path is for you?

training providers

There are lots of training providers across Hampshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight. We’ve included links to some of them below but there may be more in your local area. Explore the links below to find out the kinds of qualifications training providers offer.