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Dorset Wide Testimonials | Apprenticeships

DAN decided that a levels weren’t right for him…

career journey

Royal Manor Arts College, Portland

Sports Coaching Level 3 at Weymouth College a year then left

Engineering Level 3 at Weymouth College (one year)

Four year Apprenticeship in Engineering at FGP Systems, Weymouth (won apprentice of the year 2018)

Started in Spain where I was born and raised, I had a lot of family problems. I went off the rails as you do when that happens and was sent to live with my dad.

I came to the UK only being able to speak English not being able to write or read English. I was half way through year 10 when I came here so it was exam time. I learnt how to read and write in English in six months and managed to pass my core subjects, but I came out of school not knowing what I wanted to do.

I was always good at maths and problem solving but I decided to go into sports coaching because I enjoy sports and thought that’s what I wanted to do. After a year on the Level 3 course I realised it wasn’t for me.

At this point, I was going through another hard time with my family and living situation. I ended up living in a B&B for four months. It was small and I had no kitchen, I lived on pot noodles mostly. The college supported me through this time, they paid for my accommodation, and I was entitled to food at college which helped.

I made good friends with a guy at college and his dad. They knew I was going through a difficult time and offered me a place to stay.

They both worked at FGP Systems and asked me if I had ever thought of doing engineering. I hadn’t but decided to try it. I started Engineering Level 3 at Weymouth College and I found I was a natural! My friend’s dad suggested I finish that year and then if I still enjoyed it to apply for an apprenticeship at FGP Systems. I applied, did the test and passed!

I’ve just finished my four-year apprenticeship and I’m on a very good salary now for my age. It was a total of five years with the year I did at College I completed in Engineering. I was also awarded Apprentice of the year 2018.

There’s something for everyone after GCSEs and you don’t have to follow one path
Dan Dyke
Qualified Engineer at FGP Systems

elise decided that a levels weren’t right for her…

career journey

Gryphon School

Level 2 Apprenticeship at Kaleidoscope Nursery

Advanced Apprenticeship with Wessex Training and Assessment in the workplace

While I was at school, I knew that I didn’t want to go into the sixth form. I am dyslexic and am a kinetic learner, I learn by doing. I wanted to go to work and learn on the job. At Gryphon School I heard a little bit about apprenticeships and when I shared this with my Careers Adviser he explained apprenticeships to me. Some of my older friends were doing apprenticeships so I started looking. I found an apprenticeship at Kaleidoscope Nursery on the Indeed website and applied.

I left school at 16 and had my CV ready as I had support at school to prepare it. I had an interview for the job, which didn’t go too well as I was not very confident. In the second part of the interview I had to work with the children, and they assessed my skills, it was here that I did well and based on that I was offered an apprenticeship.

I completed the Children and Young People Workforce (CYPW) Intermediate Apprenticeship working four days a week and going to college for one day a week. When I passed the Level 2 Apprenticeship, I wanted to progress to do the Advanced Apprenticeship level, but I was not keen on going back into the college environment, as it
doesn’t work well for me.

I am now half way through the Advanced Apprenticeship with Wessex Training and Assessment as my provider, doing the off the job training away from the setting but in my workplace. I get additional support from the provider to help with the dyslexia, Zoe who supports me is great, we have planned more time together which helps. I am more comfortable working with her on a one to one basis. I look forward to completing my apprenticeship in a years’ time.

There’s something for everyone after GCSEs and you don’t have to follow one path
Currently completing an Advanced Apprenticeship at Kaleidoscope Nursery

Katie decided that a levels weren’t right for her…

career journey

Queen Elizabeth School, Wimborne

Children and Young People Workforce (Intermediate) via Apprenticeship Wessex Training and Assessment Ltd

Qualified Child and Young Workforce Worker
(Early Years Teacher)

When I was approaching year 11 and thinking of what to do next, I knew that I didn’t want to stay at school for A levels, I wanted a different option where I could work and carry on learning. In year 10 and 11 at Queen Elizabeth School, I went to information sessions about apprenticeships and went to careers fairs where employers shared information on the apprenticeships they were offering.

I knew I wanted to work with children so at one of the careers evenings I spoke to someone from Orchard Day Nurseries about apprenticeships. I did my work shadowing placement at the nursery as part of my work experience programme at school and really enjoyed it.

I emailed Orchard Day Nurseries and asked about apprenticeship opportunities, I had an interview and was offered a Children and Young People Workforce Apprenticeship. An apprenticeship is a job where you learn the skills, knowledge and behaviours while you are working and being paid. I learn best by doing and that’s why
the apprenticeship approach to learning suits me. I had theory work to do alongside my work and this was completed in working hours with the support of my tutor, the assessor from the provider supporting the apprenticeship and my employer. As written work is not my strong point, I found it easier with the support of my tutor – Kelly. I also completed my English and ICT Functional Skills as it was a requirement of my theory work.

I completed the apprenticeship earlier this year and continue to work at Orchard Day Nurseries as a qualified Child and Young Workforce worker. I am looking forward to my next career step now that the apprenticeship has started my career and given me more confidence.

There’s something for everyone after GCSEs and you don’t have to follow one path
Katie Kennedy
Early Years Teacher at Orchard Day Nurseries

bruce decided that a levels weren’t right for him…

career journey

The Purbeck School, Wareham – A Levels

Apprenticeship in Business Administration

Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship Purbeck District Council

Business Level 3 Apprenticeship with Dorset Council

I completed A levels at The Purbeck School in maths, physics and computer science. A levels were definitely challenging but I’m pleased I completed them.

I wasn’t sure about going to University but was glad to be finished school. I looked for an apprenticeship in Business Administration as I was unsure whether to do IT or Accountancy.

I was fed up with full-time education. Although, I didn’t want to stop my learning completely. I liked the idea of working and learning at the same time. That’s why I applied for a Level 2 apprenticeship with Purbeck District Council in Business Administration.

I later secured a Business Support Assistant role in IT, I completed courses in o365, IT infrastructures and fundamentals and ITIL foundation in IT Service Management with 365IT.

I am now completing a Level 3 Business Administration qualification and have secured a role as a User Support Officer at Dorset Council.

There’s something for everyone after GCSEs and you don’t have to follow one path
Bruce South
ICT Support Officer at Dorset Council