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Apprenticeships & Training Providers | Info for Parents & Carers

Find out what an apprenticeship is, how young people can apply, and where to look for them, all using the links below. We’ve also provided information about what a training provider is and the kinds of qualifications they offer.


Apprenticeships give young people the opportunity to work, earn and learn – all at the same time! Click on the links below to find out more.

Search for national vacancies and get help with applications.

A website with lots of information about the apprenticeship, including resources and games you could share with your young person.

The Careerpilot website includes a designated ‘Parentzone’. Follow the link below to read answers to common questions that parents/carers have about the apprenticeship and training provider route.

We’ve collated testimonials from apprenticeship students. Find out about their experience of being apprentices by clicking the link below.

Training Providers

More information coming soon!

Any questions?

Got questions about the apprenticeship or traineeship provider route? You can message our friendly team on Future Steps to learn more about these pathways.