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The Purbeck School

We created a series of careers related workshops – some to develop soft skills and some to increase knowledge of post-16 and post-18 options, plus two trips out of school, one to a college and one to a university. The aims were to increase students’ awareness of employability skills and to grow their confidence / aspiration. To provide information and knowledge of all options open to them post-16 and 18 so that they could make better informed choices. To increase motivation, grades and attendance in school. To have better destinations and less NEET students at 16 (end of Y11).

January 2022 – May 2023
year 10


Year 10 Student

“When starting the careers activities, I had very little knowledge about what career path that would be best for me. I knew that I had thoughts about doing an apprenticeship and knew that I didn’t want to go to university as well as doing A-levels…From the selections of workshops, we have done I feel more confident and knowledgeable about the variety of routes I can take to lead me to a successful career.”

Year 10 Student

“In this project, one of my favourite sessions was with Bath University where we were in teams and had to create our perfect university and all the essentials a university needs to invite pupils, but we had a budget, so we had to be smart with our money and what to buy…This project has helped me understand what I can do after school…”

Year 10 Student

“Today my classmates and I went to Bournemouth University and we got to see what life is like as a university student. The opportunity we had today, definitely changed many of our thoughts and considerations about university. The Student Ambassadors talked to us about student finance, accommodation, extra-curricular clubs, student social life and most importantly how to get to where we want to be in the future. We learnt about the opportunities and pathways university can open up, we found out there can be some good parties – but they are not like they are in the movies and how to make student life more manageable. A quote we got told today was ‘your life, your choice’. Today was a good day.”


“Today Year 10 students headed off to see what Poole & Bournemouth College has to offer after Year 11. We had a presentation about student life as well as a Q&A with current students. We then went on a tour of the campus to see all of the facilities and were given talks about studying Drama, Marine Engineering and Esports. Students commented that it was a really useful experience to actually come and look around the college during a normal college day and they were really surprised at the variety of courses on offer.”