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Henry Cort Community College

We had recognised an issue with our Year 9 girls and their engagement with school. They had identified in a survey that they did not see the relevance of school. They also did not feel part of the school community. It was hoped that this programme would change both these issues by developing their awareness of their strengths, getting them to think about their future and experiencing the feeling of success.

The girls were introduced to the concept of being an entrepreneur and creating a unique selling point for themselves. This developed into starting their own business (bracelet making) and beginning to think about profit and loss, marketing and how to use this information to continue with the business after the programme has finished. This was a diverse mix of girls who worked well together and have surprised us by wanting to continue working together.

8 May – 7 July 2023
5 Students
Year 9


Staff member involved in the project

“The ATL (Attitude to Learning) … improved, one of them dramatically from an average of 2.34 to 3.1 (4 being the highest it can be). This same student also said that the programme was the highlight of her week and makes school more bearable! One of the students has been struggling with relationships with staff and students and her mum spoke to her tutor about how much she has enjoyed the sessions and it has given her something to talk to her tutor about.”

“The programme being aimed at girls has been an eye opener to both their enthusiasm of being their own boss … and their ability to work with students who would not normally be placed together.”