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Student Newsletter Issue 4

Are you learning a new skill?

Fake news and life skills

Lots of people are taking this time at home to learn new skills, whether that is juggling, learning another language or working on their hobbies. One skill we all are constantly working on is being able to think critically and spot fake news and check how accurate the information being shared is.

This issue helps you to think about what is fake news, how to spot it and stop it from spreading further. Read more to find out how good you are at spotting fake news!

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Fake news and life skills guide!

Our guide includes handy info on how to:

  1. Understand fake news
  2. Learn about filter bubbles
  3. Find out more about interesting careers
  4. Fine tune your critical thinking
  5. Budget your money effectively
  6. Learn new practical skills


Regular Features

Wellbeing Bites

Finding a good balance between your online and offline life is important for your well-being.  Sometimes it is best to have a break from news stories if they are having a negative impact on your mental health. A good approach is to provide limits on the amount of times you check the news and spend time on social media, ensuring you focus on the things that help you feel positive and planning offline activities that make you feel good.

Instead of checking the news and social media, come along to the Happy Place Festival!  The festival is running for the month of June and includes mental and physical well-being tents and tips!

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Young people, aged 14-19, we need your opinions! Can you support us to explore the impact of Covid-19 on your future education and employment choices? Take part in a short survey to let us know how best to help you during COVID-19.

Help us know, how best to help you. Have your say.


TED Video of the Week!

Are you noticing that some of your friends and family have different sleeping patterns? Did you know that depending on whether you prefer early mornings or late nights can affect your behaviour and neurological make-up!

Watch this TED Ed video to find out more.


The final session…….for now!

Make a big and expressive face out of things from your house!

Try it out!