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Higher Education | Know Your Options

If you’re wondering whether higher education is right for you, or if you have specific questions about life as a student, there is a range of information and guidance available to you. These cover choosing a course that’s right for you, applying to university, accessing financial and other types of support, and the wider experience of being a mature student.

what is higher education?

Western Outreach Network (WON)


Higher education can be a hugely rewarding experience. It can open up all sorts of opportunities and help you achieve your potential.


You can study at university as a mature student even if you do not have traditional qualifications. You can also apply for funding.


Helping adults progress to higher level study. Lifepilot links to universities, colleges, schools and training across the South of England.

University and College Admission Service (UCAS)

UCAS connects people to University, it helps to inspire and empower people to make aspirational choices about higher education and learning.

UCAS also offers guidance on choosing a course and applying to university, including tips and advice specifically aimed at mature students.