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Welcome to Spring into Your Future!

Spring Into Your Future is a virtual SUN event for students in Years 9 –13. Our interactive, three-day programmes aim to encourage young people to think about their future options and consider the various opportunities available, including university and apprenticeships.

During their time with us, young people will:

• Learn about university and apprenticeships
• Find out what local universities offer
• Meet current university students
• Hear more about apprenticeships and how they can apply
• Develop new skills for independent working and revision
• Have fun! They’ll take part in fun activities with other Spring Into Your Future students and ambassadors

We hope that by being part of the programme, your young person will have a better idea of the opportunities available to them and the confidence to make informed decisions about their future.

participation in the programme

You are invited you to join us on the last day of the programme for our final Spring into Your Future session, where we’ll be celebrating the achievements of the young people on the programme. Then, all students, parents and carers are invited to join us for a free yoga class to try out a new activity together. Whether you’re an experienced yogi, or you’re brand new to it all – don’t worry, it’s just for fun. All cameras will be off, so you can join in and take part without a worry!

Spring into Your Future (Y9, 10 & 11) – Wednesday 14 April 2021

spring into your future (y12 & 13) – Friday 16 April 2021

Learning online is a little different to learning in the classroom. Although you and your young person might have become familiar with working online over the past year – we want to ensure that your online experience with us is valuable, positive and safe. Please read our guidance for SUN online events so that you and your young person are prepared. If you have any questions about the guidance provided, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Online guidance for under-18s

Online guidance for over-18s

SUN has a variety of video resources for parents and carers that cover a range of higher education topics you might find interesting. These can be viewed on our  SUN Parent Hub.

In case of an emergency during the programme, please get in touch with the relevant programme leader: