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Empowering Student Voice Workshops

Empowering Student Voice Workshops

These sessions are aimed at students in Year 7-11 who are part of the Student Council, or have an interest in student voice, at their school.

  • Boost Confidence
  • Nurture Co-Production
  • Empower Student Voice

What will the workshops cover?

Workshop 1: Gathering Student Voice

Identify how they would like students’ voices to be heard in the future

Reflect on how students can currently share their voices in school

Consider how they can ensure they are hearing from everyone

Workshop 2: Showcasing Outcomes & Results

Review and reflect on their previous action plan created in Workshop 1

Consider how they can effectively communicate back to students the result of peer feedback

Who is it for?

YEAR GROUP: Suitable for Years 7-11 (part of Student Council)

Further Information

The workshops are designed to support student councils to reflect on their current practice and consider ways for improvement and is broken down into a series of two workshops that lead on from one another. It recommended that there is a period of at least half a term between workshops to allow students time to implement any actions from the ideas generated in Workshop 1. Students will create an action plan in both workshops to help them identify ways to improve student voice practices in school. Therefore, it is recommended that the main staff member involved in supporting the student council is present to support.