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Poole Grammar School

The 401 challenge talk was an opportunity for students to be inspired and motivated by a guest speaker who has experienced many challenges during his life and come out the other side with an incredible achievement.

The talk encompasses bullying, resilience, motivation, teamwork, independence and encourages students to talk and face up to challenges experienced during their education and life itself.

3 July 2023
497 Students
Year 9, Year 10 & Year 12


Year 9 Student

“I could really relate to Ben’s talk, it was really interesting and useful to consider how he coped with some of the difficulties he talked about”

Year 12 Student

“A really interesting talk with a lot of key messages. He has coped with a lot and it was really interesting to hear his talk”

Year 12 Student

“To run with a broken back after 285 marathons and still do the 401 challenge is just amazing!”

Year 9 Student

“The app that he is making sounds really good and useful for young people with their wellbeing.”

Year 10 Student

“I’d never realised how far 401 marathons is! Amazing achievement.”

Year 10 Student

“It was really inspirational hearing Ben’s talk and the challenges he has overcome.”

Parent of Student Attendees

“I just wanted to pass on my thanks for the 401 talk that was delivered in school yesterday. I have sons in year 8 and year 10 and both were really upbeat and positive about the talk. They were keen to share the details of what they had heard and were inspired by the content. Please do pass on my thanks to the staff that enabled this to take place. We appreciate the time and effort that goes into arranging these additional resources.”

staff member

“You could hear a pin drop throughout the talk, students were actively listening and hooked on what was being said. There was no seat shuffling, quiet chatter or looking around the room as you sometimes get in talks. Ben was a very powerful speaker and he engaged the students throughout.”