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The Young People Index

The Young People Index is a revolutionary online instrument that is transforming young people’s lives helping to nurture the key talents of young people.

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This video looks at help choose your path through education, with particular focus on the UK. It looks at why qualifications are still important but how work skills are becoming vital. The focus is on identifying personal strengths/skills, interests and values to help make good choices for our futures. Then plotting a course through education and life to ensure that we have the right qualifications, evidence of skillsets and values to get the right jobs in the right organisations for us.

This video gives a comprehensive review of teamworking. It focuses on understanding your own strengths when working within a team, as well as understanding the different strengths that others may bring. It uses The Young People Index model to help describe and simplify this. It then moves onto team development theory and practical tips for working better in teams.