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SPoC Duties and Responsibilities


To enable young people in schools and colleges to engage with the Southern Universities Network (SUN) during the National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP), the SUN aims to provide resource to schools for a ‘SUN Single Point of Contact (SUN SPoC)’.

Point of Contact

  • To act as the Single Point of Contact for all SUN activity for eligible students* and their parent(s)/carer(s); school staff; Careers Advisers; and SUN staff
  • To meet with a designated member of SUN team at least twice a year and maintain regular contact
  • Attend relevant SPoC networking events, meetings and the SPoC Conference as invited by SUN
  • To ensure that invoices are raised in a timely manner as directed by SUN
  • To ensure SUN funding allocated to the institution is spent in accordance with SUN SPoC Funding Guidance 

Data, Tracking, Evaluation & Reporting

  • To identify and maintain records of eligible students for SUN, as part of NCOP, using the Postcode Profiling tool
  • To undertake monitoring, tracking and evaluation of NCOP in accordance with requirements set out by the Office for Students
  • To complete and submit accurate Finance and Engagement Reports (formerly SPoC Reports) no later than Friday 11 January 2019 for the autumn term, and Friday 19 July 2019 for the spring and summer terms 
  • Click here for our SPoC Report Guidance webinar

Facilitate Activity

  • To assist the SUN in targeting activity to eligible students using the Postcode Profiling tool
  • To promote relevant SUN outreach activities to the parent(s)/carer(s) of eligible students
  • To be responsible for ensuring that all eligible students in Year 9 and Year 11 receive an additional careers-related intervention
  • To monitor eligible Year 10, Year 12 and Year 13 students and facilitate additional careers-related interventions where necessary
  • To promote Teacher CPD to staff in schools and make recommendations to SUN about additional CPD opportunities 
  • Click here for our Menu of Activities and Events

Funding Allocation

All schools are allocated funding on the following basis:

  • A flat-rate of £1,200 per year (equivalent of 6 days per year)
  • CEIAG-intervention funding of £50 per eligible student in Year 9 and Year 11
  • Additional formulaic funding of £14 per eligible student in Years 9 – 13 

Use of Funding

SPoC Funding can be used for staff time to facilitate the duties listed above. Remaining funding should be used as follows:

  • To organise, or facilitate, activities which meet the overall aims and objectives of NCOP to eligible students
  • Activities may include, but are not limited to; inspirational speakers, alumni visits, activities delivered by third-party organisations, transport and attendance at relevant events and activities, teacher CPD and associated costs. For further recommendations on the use of SPoC funding, please refer to separate SUN SPoC Funding Guidance document
  • Resources and service subscriptions may only be purchased after consultation with your SUN Project Leader
  • CEIAG funding must only be used for careers-related interventions with Year 9 and Year 11 students. For further guidance on CEIAG funding, please refer to the SUN SPoC Funding Guidance