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  • Not Going To Uni Our range of work related learning schemes provide opportunities for young people to enhance their technical, personal and employability skills through industry-led projects, industrial placements and specialised taster courses.
  • National Career Service - Apprenticeships A guide to Apprenticeships. They offer useful information on the what apprenticeships are, the key facts and the career they can achieve. Furthermore a handy guide is on offer to assist applying to an apprenticeship
  • Studential They aim to help all students aged 16 and older with their academic journey, by offering information and advice on all stages of education. Information available on GCSEs, Further Education, Apprenticeships, University and Postgraduate Study.
  • Cornwall Apprenticeship Campaign Online one stop shop detailing apprenticeship opportunities in Cornwall, Young People, Parent & Employer facing.
  • The London Hairdressing Apprenticeship Academy Barbering and Hairdressing can be hugely rewarding professions, both creatively and financially. In recent years these professions have been gaining popularity. This is because there is always a consistent demand and, therefore, steady employment opportunities. Creative jobs that offer an income are hard to come by, and as the fashion industry adapts and evolves more and more as artistic people are beginning to realise that barbering/hairdressing can be a very satisfying creative outlet.
  • Film career advice This articles gives advices and guidance on how to get into the film industry.

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