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Menu of Activities and Events

SUN workshops available for delivery at your school/college. We can adapt our sessions in order to conform to school timings:

Apprenticeships Uncovered

Campus Explorer


Money Explorer


Prepare for the Fair


More webinars coming soon!

CPD and Conferences

Marine Careers Conference

SPoC Networking Conference

SUN Activities

Upcoming SUN-led activities for students:


Festival of the Creative and Digital Industries

GCSE English Language and Maths Revision Days

Health Careers Clinics – coming soon!


Extra events to watch out for:

Spring Community Fair

Careers and Apprenticeship Show 2019 (Portsmouth)

Careers and Apprenticeship Show 2019 (Southampton)

3rd Party Workshops

Great workshops to spend your funding on!
Please book these workshops via the providers’ websites:

20:20 Learning

Elevate Education

Enabling Enterprise

I’m an Engineer

I’m a Scientist

Learning Performance

Medical Mavericks

Positively Mad


Talk the Talk

Young Enterprise