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Embedding Encounters with Employers in Curriculum Learning


Tuesday 17th March 2020


Presenter: Gerard Liston from Forum Talent Potential

Using a selection of case study examples, this webinar will give practical, take-away guidance to help school enrich existing schemes of work in virtually any subject through partnerships with local employers.


  • A variety of subject areas, year groups and schools
  • Use of a tried-and-tested and free CPD toolkit
  • Ofsted ‘rich curriculum’ and ‘personal development’
  • Employer engagement and impact assessment
  • Access to dozens of other case study examples

Suitable for:

  • Careers Leaders – particularly helping to address Gatsby Benchmarks 4 and 5
  • Curriculum Leads – helping to bring topics to life for students in the classroom
  • Careers Hub Leads – enabling networks to plan, develop and share good practice