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Choices Theatre Tour


SUN has taken the decision to postpone the Choices Theatre Tour due to take place between 23rd March 2020 to 3rd April 2020.

This decision has not been made lightly. In accordance with Government advice, we must take all necessary action to reduce the opportunities for infection to take place. Travel and gatherings of groups of individuals presents an increased risk. We are particularly concerned due to the nature of the Choices Theatre Tour which involves our Solomon Theatre Company colleagues having to attend multiple schools in succession.

Though we are hugely disappointed to delay these events, the wellbeing of students, staff and education professionals is of utmost importance.

Once there is further guidance around the national situation for covid-19, Solomon Theatre Company will contact you about plans for an alternative tour.

We apologise once again for any disappointment and inconvenience caused.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact SUN on . This email account will be monitored regularly.

By the Solomon Theatre Company

SUN have funded a Choices Theatre Tour to run each term in partnership with the Solomon Theatre Company The Solomon Theatre Company come to you and deliver a performance on Post-16 Choices designed to get your you students thinking about their futures in an engaging and fun way. Performances last 1 hour and run at different points in the year.




The Performance


  • Which subjects should I pick for BTEC or A level?
  • What career and learning pathway options are there for me?
  • How do apprenticeships work, would they be suitable for my future?

Zoe, Alex and Shaun are all facing ‘decision day’ and have to decide on what subjects to study however each one faces unique problems.

Whether it is knowing their skills and options or understanding where the topics they enjoy could lead them, they also have to overcome pressure; from peers to stay in their group, from parents to follow a certain learning path or even pressure to conform to gender stereotypes.

Who is it for?

The Choices Theatre Tour is delivered to SUN Schools for free (fully funded by SUN) to Year 10 students.

Dates and locations

The next tour dates are as follows across the region:

Spring Term Tour: 23rd March – 3 April 2020 POSTPONED
Summer Term Tour: 6th – 17th July 2020

Get involved

The Solomon Theatre Company will contact you directly with regards to upcoming tours however, if you have not been contacted and would be interested in taking up this opportunity, please register your interest below:

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