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Empowering Student Voice Workshop and Conference

We’re excited to announce details of our newly created Empowering Student Voice workshop which is designed specifically for Student Councils, and the follow-on conference.


These sessions are aimed at students in years 7-11 who are part of the Student Council at their school.


This newly created Empowering Student Voice workshop is designed specifically for Student Councils. The workshop will enable students to:

We recommend this interactive workshop be delivered in person as this will allow for collaboration between students and staff. However, we understand this may not be possible due to COVID-19. If so, we are able to offer a virtual alternative (see booking form for more details).


We’d like to invite the Student Councils who participate in the Empowering Student Voice workshop to attend a follow-on conference. The conference is designed to celebrate the fantastic work Student Councils have accomplished across the academic year, whilst also building on the work they will have completed in the workshop.

The conference will take place on Tuesday 28 June 2022, 09:15 – 14:30 at the University of Southampton

We will have a keynote speech focusing on what good co-production is and why it’s important. This will be delivered by young people who are heavily involved in co-productive work.

If you have any questions about the workshop or conference, please email Helena Kelsey