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Being a NeuroNinja Parent: Use brain science to support your child to be the best version of themselves


Wednesday 30 June 2021, 4pm – 5pm

Andrew Wright, Action Your Potential

Join us to become a NeuroNinja and learn more about our amazing brains. By uncovering more about them we can kickstart our well-being, manage how we respond to our emotions and challenge ourselves and our young people to enjoy, engage and thrive.

As parents and carers, we want to support our children in every way possible – but have you ever considered using brain science to help? Our presenter, Andrew, introduces practical strategies to build daily behaviours that will transform enjoyment, engagement and focus in not only your young person, but in yourself too.

The webinar will cover:

This webinar is suitable for parents and carers of young people who are:

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Andrew has worked in schools for 28 years. In 2018 he followed his heart and set up his own company, Action Your Potential, with a mission to share the incredible news about our amazing brains with teachers, students, children, parents and carers.

Andrew is a trained biologist and self-confessed brain nerd. He’s been a Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, has an MA in education and is an academy consultant. He’s also a parent.

Action Your Potential’s mission is to help everyone become a NeuroNinja – someone who understands how their brain works and uses evidence-based daily habits to get the most out of it. They use neuroscience, psychology and cognitive science to create powerful daily habits that can transform people’s lives and coach people to build those habits into their daily routines. Action Your Potential work directly with children and their families, as well as over 100 schools nationally, to support the development of behaviours that transform outcomes.

The Action Your Potential website has over 1200 members who use it to access webinars, videos and resources. Their focus is in helping people understand how they can manage their daily well-being and accelerate growth, personal development and learning.

Welcome to the NeuroNinja journey and the neuroscience revolution!