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SUCCESSFUL LEARNERS: the habits of powerful learners, how to cultivate them and how to track progress

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Successful learners: the habits of powerful learners, how to cultivate them and how to track progress.

Internationally acclaimed researcher, author and speaker Prof Bill Lucas, will explore the kinds of habits which we need all students to develop if they are to do well in both in examinations and, equally importantly, in living a happy, fulfilled and successful lives. As well as acquiring knowledge and skills in the subjects of the school curriculum, school leaders and teachers want much more for their pupils. Sometimes called character, these are all the other things that pupils will need to acquire such as the ability to collaborate, to use empathy, to be creative, to be resilient and so forth along with wider concepts such as kindness, honesty, open-mindedness.

But which of these really help students thrive? What does the research say? Can they be taught? How best can these habits of capabilities be cultivated?

Bill will seek to answer all these questions and more, focusing on creative thinking as an example.

Bill will also explore ways in which schools in the Winchester Teaching Alliance and the Expansive Education Network can work more closely together.

Bill will be introduced by Matthew Leeming, Headteacher of Kings School.

Refreshments available from 4:30pm

Talks expected to finish by 6:00pm

A collaboration between the Winchester Teaching School Alliance and the Centre for Real-World Learning at The University of Winchester.